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x246's Journal

oh! two four six.
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[ the 0246 plan - for those who need a step up. ]

A community for the eating-disordered.

What is 0246?

0246 was born when 2468 became too much. Honestly, we can't see ourselves eating 800 calories in a day. So, we got rid of the high day, and added a low one. This diet follows 200, 400, 600 cals, and then fasts for a day. If you can't fast, you can use your X day as a wildcard - go however low you can go.

Methods of 0246

Here are some ways you can follow the 0246 diet:


A. The first way is the obvious one. The same way you most likely used to follow the 2468 diet. Just do it in intervals of 4 days, with our adjusted numbers. This one will be different each week.

For example:

Monday: FAST
Tuesday: 200 cals
Wednesday: 400 cals
Thursday: 600 cals
Friday: FAST
Saturday: 200 cals
Sunday: 400 cals


B. If you want a set number for each day of the week, try it in a 7-day cycle. It's sort of a pyramid shape, and only features fasting on one set day a week. Whatever day is most convenient for you, you can set to be your fasting day.

For example:

Monday: 600 cals
Tuesday: 400 cals
Wednesday: 200 cals
Thursday: FAST
Friday: 200 cals
Saturday: 400 cals
Sunday: 600 cals


C. This is a mixture of the first two methods. If you don't want a pyramid shape, because having all your low-cal days isn't good for you, try it using 2,4,6 - 2,4,6 - 0.

For example:

Monday: 200 cals
Tuesday: 400 cals
Wednesday: 600 cals
Thursday: FAST
Friday: 400 cals
Saturday: 600 cals
Sunday: FAST

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